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CAGOP announces ballot initiative positions

The California Republican Party announced its position on several ballot initiatives that will go before voters this November. CAGOP Delegates voted to adopt the Report put forward by the Party’s Initiatives Committee with recommended positions on four ballot initiatives. The Party already took a position on three additional ballot initiatives following Delegates adopting an Initiatives Committee Report at our CAGOP 2022 Convention in April.

“In 2020, voters were with the California Republican Party on seven of the 11 ballot initiatives in which we took a position,” said CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson. “Voters are with Republicans on the ideas, and with our final ballot initiative positions now in place, we are ready to put in the work to ensure that voters are with us again this November. From now until polls close, we will be talking to voters about these important initiatives, about our top-notch slate of Republican candidates, and about what’s at stake in this election following years of Democrats’ failed one-party rule in California.”

The CAGOP ballot initiative positions adopted are:

Proposition 1 – Abortion Constitutional Amendment: OPPOSE
Proposition 26 – In-Person Sports Wagering: OPPOSE
Proposition 27 – Online Sports Wagering: OPPOSE
Proposition 28 – Funding for Arts and Music: NEUTRAL

The CAGOP ballot initiative positions adopted in April are:

Proposition 29 – Unionizing Kidney Dialysis Clinics: OPPOSE
Proposition 30 – Income Tax Increase/Electric Charging Stations: OPPOSE
Proposition 31 – Flavored Tobacco Ban: OPPOSE

This article was released by the California Republican Party.