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CAGOP: California Cools on Biden

There isn’t much California Love for Joe Biden these days. Despite carrying the state in 2020 by nearly 30 points, a new Berkeley IGS poll indicates that Californians have had enough:

  • 61% of California voters oppose Joe Biden seeking a second term in office in 2024, including 65% of No Party Preference voters.
    • Opposition to a 2024 run also includes a majority of voters in every region of the state polled, every age group polled, and a majority of both men and women voters.
  • 74% of California voters think the US is going down the wrong track, including 63% of Democrats.
    • A majority of voters across every age group, region, gender and race polled agree that the US is on the wrong track.
  • 48% of California voters approve of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president, including only 43% of NPP voters.

Biden isn’t solely responsible for his failed record. He’s had steadfast allies in California House Democrats along the way, including their recent vote for his radical Inflation “Reduction” Act which will not reduce inflation, will raise Californians’ taxes, and will add 87,000 new audit-ready IRS agents.

BOTTOM LINE: Josh Harder, Julia Brownley, Katie Porter and Mike Levin are accomplices to Joe Biden’s failures, voting in lockstep with his radical agenda that Californians agree has sent our nation down the wrong track. Californians are ready for change and will make that known at the ballot box this November.

This article was released by the CAGOP.


  1. Does this “newsletter” ever provide the Democratic side’s argument, or is it only one side? You cut off half of your potential readership eveytime you do this.

    1. Everything on TV is all slanted in favor of the Democrats. It should make you sick.

      1. Not true, ever heard of Fox (Faux) News? It should make you sick.

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