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David Burke announces candidacy for Cypress City Council

The following statement was released by David Burke.

I am running for Cypress City Council because as a business owner, attorney, husband, and father, I care deeply about Cypress’s future. I intend to prioritize safe streets, clean parks, attracting desirable businesses, economic opportunity, and fun community events as the key pillars of a thriving city. And as the founder of a nonprofit that fights against big money in politics and for more transparent government, I also want to ensure that our city’s government lives up to the highest standards of integrity and accountability.

The upcoming election is a critical one for Cypress. The city is facing significant challenges in the form of undue influence from special interests, lawsuits, and increased hostility between council members. With our most senior council members termed out, it is especially important that we elect representatives who can hit the ground running. Relying on my professional experience as well as prior service as an elected official, I am prepared to help us navigate the critical challenges we face.

Having served on the Westwood Neighborhood Council after graduating from UCLA Law School, I know how to be responsive and accountable to residents. Too often in Cypress I have seen residents ask council members for help without getting an appropriate response. Recent news stories detailing residents’ unanswered requests to stop trash from being dumped near their homes at the city’s Public Works Yard are just one example. As your representative, I will be accessible and will work with my fellow council members and city staff to address your concerns in a timely manner.

I will also be a leader in the effort for essential campaign finance reforms and improved transparency. Too often, elected officials put the wishes of large campaign contributors (developers, waste management companies, unions, etc.) above what is best for the community as a whole. As the author of “Integrity In Local Government: A Report Card on Campaign Finance Laws and Transparency in Orange County Municipal Government”, I know how we can enact safeguards that have worked in other cities to ensure that we have government of, by, and for the people, not of, by, and for the special interests.

As an attorney, I strongly believe that we need to find sensible resolutions to the city’s legal battles. Many residents I’ve spoken with are tired of reading headlines about Cypress being sued or about the city hiring more lawyers to help with the onslaught of demand letters and public records requests. Our tax dollars would be better spent on enhancing city services or upgrading parks than on court costs or attorney’s fees.

Speaking of our tax dollars, it is also imperative that we elect representatives who can keep Cypress on strong fiscal footing. The city is in a relatively good position now, but with the aforementioned lawsuits, projected budget deficits, and significant unfunded pension liability, if we aren’t careful things could head south quickly. Relying on my experience as a business owner and as someone who has long advocated for frugality and smartm long-term financial planning on an individual level, I will work to ensure that Cypress is fiscally responsible now, and for future generations.

We also need council members who can work together effectively with representatives of different backgrounds and political ideologies. In the past year, City Council meetings have grown increasingly hostile. Some disagreement between council members is healthy and natural. But when those disagreements take our representatives’ attention away from focusing on more important matters, our city suffers. Throughout my career I have found common ground with both Republicans and Democrats to advance reforms that would keep foreign money out of elections or require more transparency from elected officials. As your representative, I will focus on solving problems rather than scoring political points.

Please visit my website at www.davidburkeforcypress.com for more information, or reach out to me directly at [email protected] if you’d like to share your concerns or discuss some of the important issues in this election. It would be my honor to earn your vote.


  1. Wow. What a terrific background as a public servant. It sounds like he has the kind of integrity and character that alligns with the vision and leadership our city so desperately needs.

    1. Hello Ms. Shapiro,
      If you are endorsing David Burke, then I know he should NOT be on the Cypress City Council.

      1. Hi Meaghan, I understand that you may not initially be inclined to support me, but please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if you’d like to talk about some of the issues the city is facing or ask me any questions about my candidacy. I would be happy to meet or hop on the phone. And regardless of the race, I think the best way to decide amongst candidates is to speak with them directly. Thanks!

  2. Hello Mr. Burke,
    Too many people have told me that you would align yourself with radical councilwoman Frances Marquez. We already have one progressive on the Cypress City Council with Marquez and my wife and I do not want another. I am sorry but We will not be voting for you.

    1. Many people, but not too many people (whatever that implies) is that Mr. Burke is running to remove the rot on today’s city council. The rot that raised our trash rates, allows the trash contractor use city property to dump and transfer trash (for free) , and has periodic censure meetings to intimidate one person on the city council.

    2. Dr. Marquez is popular because she listens and tries to solve problems Yes, that does show the PROGRESS in Progressive. But she also is conservative in spending our tax dollars, which used to be part of the platform of the conservatives. She doesn’t want to waste tax dollars on lawsuits. The two most senior members of our council gave Valley Vista a pass on paying the city over $200000 a year and extended their contract when they threatened bankruptcy. David Burke is addressing ethics in politics. Who can be against that?

    3. Harold, if you have time I encourage you to contact me directly. But one thing I can tell you is that I make up my mind on each issue based on the facts at hand, not based on how I expect other representatives to vote.

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