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Young Kim for Congress releases first television ad of general election

The Young Kim for Congress campaign released its first television ad of the 2022 general election, titled “Colonel Scott.” The ad features retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Wayne Scott who highlights Congresswoman Kim’s work fighting for veterans and lowering gas prices.

In the ad, Colonel Scott states, “As a proud retired Air Force Colonel – I definitely get frustrated with today’s politicians, but Young Kim is different.”

The ad speaks to Young Kim’s leadership and focus on delivering results for her community during her first term in Congress. As Colonel Scott mentions, Young has a long list of results she has delivered for her community, including increasing Veterans’ access to benefits, lowering wait times, and ensuring access to the quality healthcare. Young Kim has also called on Governor Newsom to suspend the gas tax and give families much needed relief from skyrocketing inflation and prices.

“I have spent my first term in Congress delivering on the promises I made to this community, and that started with ensuring Veterans have access to the quality care they deserve,” stated Congresswoman Young Kim. “I’m proud of the work we have accomplished, but there is so much left to do to get our state and country back on the right track.”

Young Kim enters the heart of the campaign season as the clear frontrunner, with a recent poll having her leading her Democrat opponent by 16%. The race was also recently moved to “Likely Republican” by Cook Political Report.

This article was released by Young Kim for Congress.


  1. Young Kim will cooperate with her Republican masters and their Supreme Court justices to make contraception illegal next. Just give them the chance and a little time and they will do it.

  2. Kim voted to send more money to the Ukraine.

    I voted for her last time but I regret it.

  3. One of Kim’s first act was to censure President Trump when she got to Congress; then she voted to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from all her committees. She is an establishment Republican which we do not need.

  4. Kim was lucky to land in a new district that is more Republican than her present district. That is the only reason she has a lead in a poll. Her silence on the former President now and while in office shows she stands with a traitor and a repeat traitor.

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