featured graphic for the campaign of Emily Hibard for Los Alamitos City Council

Original 1961 Rossmoor Highlands resident to host a meet-and-greet supporting Emily Hibard and Rona Goldberg

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  1. Ms. Hibard candidacy will be judged by the company she keeps (Rona Goldberg). Radical right-wing guest could mean Radical right-wing host (of the guest).

  2. You got the name wrong. It’s West Orange County Republican Women Federated and they are going after Republican Diana Hill. We are living in crazy times with Republican organizations going after incumbent Republicans.

  3. Why is Republican Rona Goldberg trying to unseat Republican Diana Hill? Aren’t us Republicans supposed to help Republican incumbents keep their positions? I’ve heard that Republican Women of West Orange County are in on this. This makes no sense to me. Someone please explain.

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