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Jay Chen: LA Times highlights Rep. Michelle Steel’s extremist stance on abortion

The LA Times highlighted Steel’s cosponsoring of the Life at Conception Act, which according to UC Davis reproductive law professor Mary Ziegler, “would be a nationwide abortion ban” without exceptions for rape or to save the life of a mother. While Steel has recently pivoted to saying she is “proud to support life” with exceptions, in an interview with National Journal earlier this month, she could not list out which exceptions she would permit without her spokesman chiming in; an unconvincing pivot for an anti-abortion extremist.

“When it comes to choosing a representative who will stand up to extreme Republicans’ push for a nationwide abortion ban, voters have a clear choice this November,” said Lt. Commander Jay Chen (res.). “Unlike Congresswoman Steel, who is desperately failing to moderate her extremist anti-abortion views, I will always proudly fight to protect a woman’s right to govern her own body.”

Steel’s Extreme Anti-Abortion Track Record:

If Republicans take the majority, Steel will join with those in her party to pass a national law making abortion illegal in all circumstances, including if the pregnancy risks the woman’s life. She even supports banning certain types of birth control.

Amidst the backdrop of a 10-year-old rape victim forced to travel from Ohio to Indiana in order to obtain an abortion, Congresswoman Michelle Steel reminded voters once again of her extremist views on abortion by voting against H.R.8297, a bill that will protect the right to seek abortions outside of a home state, and the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022 that would protect a woman’s right to access abortion.

Steel was among the cohort that signed a letter asking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

This article was released by Jay Chen for Congress.


  1. Michelle Steel is an extremist. She will vote the way Trump, McCarthy, McConnell and the Supreme Court want her to vote. Like to ban contraception and allow health insurance to be cut back to only cover health issues that can make a profit for insurance companies. Michelle Steel does not have the courage to criticize the behavior of her current party boss and former President. She just does what her male masters tell her to do.

  2. Thank God for Michelle for standing up for LIFE. JAY Chen supports murder of unborn baby girls. Where are their Women’s RIGHTS???

    1. If anti-abortion is such a popular concept, why are at least two Republicans busily cleaning their extremist anti-abortion claims off of their 2022 campaign websites. More voters in total voted on the referendum in Kansas than any other statewide candidate contest and ultimately maintained a woman’s right to choose.

  3. Jay Chen, like Joe Biden and most other Democrats, tosses the word “extremist” around without looking in the mirror. Not much different than Joe Biden calling half of America “semi-fascists.”

    Joe Biden is a Democrat who has miserably failed this country. Inflation is causing so much misery to Americans and Jay Chen & Joe Biden do not care. Open borders allowing millions of illegals into our country is causing so much misery to Americans and Jay Chen & Joe Biden do not care. Marginalizing our military with trans crap is causing so much misery to Americans and Jay Chen & Joe Biden do not care. Rampant crime is causing so much misery to Americans and Jay Chen and Joe Biden do not care. The list goes on and on and on. No wonder Jay Chen and Democrats are going to lose bigly in November!

    1. I mean half of America does indeed practically worship a fascist wannabe dictator Trump. Good for Biden for finally calling out the cancer that is causing our country to rot from the inside out.

      I never want the right wing mob leading our country ever again or our country really will turn into a third world dictatorship where obedience to Supreme Leader Trump is absolute. And you call us the socialists? Typical MAGA projection.

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