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Banish the evil spirit and lift your curse in newest escape room adventure The Weeping Witch

Banish the evil spirit and lift your curse in the newest escape room adventure, The Weeping Witch, by Cross Roads Escape Games! Using their theatrical background, owners Madison and Luke Rhoades create immersive sets, special effects, and show moments in their newest game.

The Weeping Witch is a monster disguised as a human. It lures people close by mimicking the sound of a woman crying. When people hear its wails, they follow the sound, thinking someone needs their help. Once they get close enough, the Witch reveals a mouth on the back of its head and slowly sucks the life out of its victims. If you choose to enter Madam Ruby’s study, that is what is awaiting you. Will you be able to banish the evil spirit and end your curse before the Weeping Witch consumes your soul?

Luke and Madison elevated the escape room industry with their award-winning games The Hex Room, The Fun House, The Psych Ward, and the 2019 immersive theatre experience, The Séance. This husband-and-wife team is determined to break the ‘escape room’ mold and create more unique, interactive, theatrical games.

The Weeping Witch is opening on Friday, September 9th, 2022. Tickets are $38 per person. The game is 60 minutes long for 3-8 players over the age of 14. Cross Roads Escape Games is open Wednesday-Sunday until 11:30 pm, all year long. Please be aware that this show contains flashing lights, fog smells, jump scares, and loud noises.

Tickets are on sale now at https://crossroadsescapegames.com/the-weeping-witch/.

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