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Michelle Steel campaign: Jay Chen’s plan for small business is 87,000 IRS agents and raising taxes

As small business owners continue to struggle from COVID lockdowns, inflation and high gas prices, Jay Chen’s track record shows his plan for struggling Mom & Pops is even higher taxes and more IRS agents to enforce them.

Jay Chen’s Plan for Small Business

Chen is an ardent backer of Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda and now the “Inflation Reduction Act” which:

  • Raises taxes on businesses
  • Gives billions to the IRS to hire more than 87,000 agents to target small businesses and middle-class taxpayers

Chen wants to repeal the 2017 Tax Cut & Jobs Act, which he calls a Tax Scam which means higher taxes and lower wage growth for middle-class families

For seven months Chen has refused to explain why he deleted old web pages that show his support for a single-payer health care plan that literally doubles taxes on all California families.

Chen proudly said: “I became a delegate for Bernie Sanders in 2016 because I believed in his vision of a single-payer national health care program.”

“Jay Chen is thrilled that Joe Biden just approved 87,000 new IRS agents and tax increases on middle-class families and small business owners, but that’s just the beginning of Chen’s war on small business. If elected Chen will fight to double taxes via single-payer health care and even undo the 2017 tax cuts which would crush families and small business owners,” said Steel Spokesperson Lance Trover.

This article was released by the Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. The 2017 Tax Cut & Jobs Act was proposed and passed by only Republicans. The “tax cut” was for the top 1% of income earners. The rest of us, Californians that pay property taxes and earn income on W-2’s, all payed more Federal taxes starting in 2018. The Democrats have been trying to restore our SALT deduction in full or at least double it from the Republican amount of $10k. But as usual no support from Michelle Steel, you know, the one who has “lower taxes” on her yard signs. A total lie, but this is a Republican, so standard procedure for them.

  2. Jay Chen supports the new IRS army! Jay Chen supports Joe Biden. I vote the candidate (registered NPP) not the party. This November I am voting Republican. I am very afraid of Jay Chen and Democrats. Ever since Biden got in, things have been terrible in this country. Michelle Steel has my vote.

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