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Rep. Michelle Steel endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced its endorsement of Rep. Michelle Steel for reelection in California’s 45th congressional district. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce touted Rep. Steel’s strong record as a proven tax fighter, opposition to excessive spending and regulations, and work on behalf of common sense, pro-growth economic policies.

“Upon moving to America, my very first job was in my mother’s Los Angeles clothing store where I learned how great it is to be a small business owner, yet how difficult our government makes it for them to survive with endless taxes and overbearing regulations,” said Congresswoman Steel. “I will never stop what I’ve spent my career doing – fighting to lower taxes and end regulations that are hurting our small business owners and their workers, many of whom are First Generations seeking the American Dream.”

“Representative Michelle Steel’s strong record of leadership and delivering results for the constituents and businesses of Southern California are significant,” said U.S. Chamber of Commerce Western Region Vice President Jennings Imel. “Rep. Steel understands the challenges and economic needs facing the workforce and families in California and is a strong advocate for businesses of all sizes. She is committed to pro-growth policies and free enterprise solutions that will move our nation forward. The U.S. Chamber is proud to support Representative Steel in her re-election.”

“As a business owner for the last 30 years, I am honored to have Integrity Jewelers host the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s endorsement event for Congresswoman Steel today,” said Clay Block, owner of Integrity Jewelers. “Rep. Steel has always been a fighter for business, working to reduce regulations on business and lower taxes for business owners and all Americans, and we thank her for her hard work.”

As Californians struggle with rising inflation and an unaffordable cost of living, Rep. Steel has called for a full repeal of the California gas tax, has vigorously opposed the Democrat’s reckless spending that has caused today’s record inflation crisis, and opposed the failed energy policies of the Biden administration that has created so much pain for working class families at the pump.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. I happened to see the front cover of an AARP newsletter that said “Drug Prices to Fall for Older Americans”. Did Michelle Steel vote for that legislation? NO. Did Michell Steele attempt to work with Democrats on the same legislation, you know, bipartisan style, to sponsor an amendment to the same legislation to lower federal income taxes for Californians that pay state income and county property taxes? NO. Michelle Steel will only work to lower taxes like Republicans typically do for big business and contributors from the Chamber of Commerce. That is why Michelle Steel is upset about the new personnel to be added to the IRS because they audit individuals and businesses that cut corners on their taxes or outright cheat, knowing that there is limited enforcement by the IRS due to low staffing.

  2. We must elect Rep. Michelle Steel!

    Democrats starting with Herr Biden are trying their best to destroy the United States. This is why Biden’s approval is in the 30s. Why would anyone want to vote for another Democrat like Jay Chen? It makes no sense to get more Democrats in office when they are doing such a lousy job now.

    I am voting for Rep.Steel.

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