featured graphic for the campaign of Trevor O'Neil for mayor of Anaheim

Early polling shows Trevor O’Neil in the leading position to win the Anaheim Mayor race

Polling from Public Opinion Strategies shows Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Trevor O’Neil in the leading position to win the election for Mayor of Anaheim. The poll results show O’Neil has strong name identification citywide with positive favorability going into the election, in which he has $190,000 cash-on-hand just 3 weeks after entering the race for Mayor. In Anaheim’s District 6, which accounts for 27% of the total electorate, O’Neil polls well ahead of Galloway and Aitken, coming in first among Republicans, No Party Preference voters, and even Democrats. After voters hear about O’Neil’s accomplishments and message, he takes a commanding lead over the other challengers citywide, taking 39% of the vote against 18% each for Aitken and Galloway, with the rest of the vote remaining undecided.

In name identification across Anaheim, the poll shows Mayor Pro Tem O’Neil has higher favorability ratings than former Mayoral candidate and attorney Ashleigh Aitken. Former Councilmember Lorri Galloway has a net unfavorable rating. Both Galloway and Aitken have run unsuccessfully for the citywide Mayoral seat while O’Neil has successfully been elected to Anaheim’s District 6 – the district with the highest voter turnout in Anaheim. The poll’s margin of error is +/- 4.9%.

The poll also shows that 61% of voters are more likely to vote for O’Neil after hearing about his handling of the FBI investigation into former Mayor Harry Sidhu over the Angels agreement. Aitken is dramatically impacted when voters are informed about her own connection to the FBI investigation, as one of her own consultants was involved in the corrupt scheme and wore a wire to avoid charges. Aitken has not been transparent about her own connection to the corruption. The poll shows 68% of voters are less likely to vote for Aitken when they learn of her connection. The poll shows that even after hearing attacks against O’Neil regarding the FBI investigation, voters citywide prefer O’Neil over Aitken for Mayor.

O’Neil has served as acting Mayor of Anaheim since May, during which time he has maintained a balanced budget, led the way toward restoring public trust in City government, provided increased community services, park features, and libraries, and promoted economic policies that have benefitted all Anaheim residents to get our local economy back on track.

Mayor Pro Tem O’Neil has lived in Anaheim for over 25 years and sent his children to public schools in the city. He has a strong fundraising base, a record of accomplishments, and benefits from an election year in which the average voter feels disfranchised and President Joe Biden has a net disapproval rating in Anaheim.

A small businessman who runs a company providing home health care services for senior citizens, the disabled, and other vulnerable individuals, Trevor O’Neil was elected to the City Council four years ago. On the City Council, he’s helped prioritize public safety, address homelessness, improve parks and library services, and enhance neighborhood investments.

O’Neil is endorsed by the Anaheim Taxpayers Association, a majority of the Anaheim City Council, Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner, and State Assemblymembers Phillip Chen and Steven Choi. The strongest fundraiser currently on the Anaheim City Council, he is endorsed by the Lincoln Club of Orange County.

Mayor Pro Tem Trevor O’Neil represents Anaheim on the Boards of the Transportation Corridor Agency, Association of California Cities-Orange County, Orange County Council of Governments, and Southern California Association of Governments. He is also an active community leader, serving as Chairman on the Board of Directors of the Orange County Taxpayers Association and supporting the Anaheim Boys and Girls Club. He is also a former Anaheim City Commissioner and school district bond oversight committee vice chairman.

This article was released by Trevor O’Neil for Mayor 2022.