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Michelle Steel’s bipartisan support for re-election continues to grow

In a growing sign of bipartisan support, Congresswoman Michelle Steel today announced 3 more endorsements from local Democratic leaders and officials. Joining L.A. Sheriff Alex Villanueva are Cypress Mayor Paulo Morales, Cerritos Councilwoman Lynda Johnson, former State Senator Gloria Romero.

Morales cited Steel’s decades-long commitment to the community and ability to work across party lines for the betterment of all families. Johnson noted Steel’s staunch support for law enforcement and work to keep communities safe.

“It’s a privilege to receive these endorsements. I’ve spent years working to lower taxes and create a better life for everyone in our community – Republican and Democrat – and that’s exactly what I will continue doing in Washington,” said Steel.

Today’s endorsement follows last week’s endorsement from the US Chamber of Commerce citing Steel’s support of small business and work to lower taxes on California families.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. I am from Texas and the Republicans cannot keep the electricity ON during summer heat waves and the big freeze we had last winter. They (Republicans) think they fixed everything by restricting abortion and allowing people to open carry firearms. Republicans have turned governing into a self-serving grift and now promote sedition. Not voting for Michelle Steel, her silence on Jan 6 shows she is complacent too. Who cares about the story about the poor immigrant that escaped Kim Il Sung, It’s all about what have you done for the country lately, in Michelle Steel’s case, nothing but lining her pockets like Republicans do so well

  2. My friends who had Steel as their rep say she is a good congresswoman. So very Disgusted with what Biden has done to this country & will not vote for any Democrats.

  3. We are voting for Michelle Steel. My wife & I are Los Angeles Cty transplants & have seen the damage Democrat policies have done in our former city & all the problems President Joe Biden has caused the country. We are staying Democrat but in Nov. are voting Republican because if we move again it would be to leave CA & we don’t want to leave because of family & jobs. Our party needs a wakeup call!

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