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Jay Chen Campaign: Gun lobby supporter Michelle Steel receives “A” rating from NRA

The National Rifle Association (NRA) recently released its annual endorsements and gave one of their favorite candidates – Michelle Steel – top marks. Alongside a resounding endorsement, the NRA gave Michelle Steel an “A” rating for her loyalty to the gun lobby. Nothing more clearly demonstrates Steel’s prioritization of gun sales profits than her vote against the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. When she had the opportunity to join her fellow Republicans in passing common sense gun reform, she instead chose to impose her extremist agenda.

“While Americans witness the devastation of the gun violence epidemic nearly every day, Michelle Steel pads her pockets with gun lobby cash at the expense of our communities,” said Lt. Commander Jay Chen (res.). “Now more than ever, we need a representative who is willing to work with both parties to pass reasonable solutions. How can the voters of California’s 45th trust Michelle Steel to keep them safe when she votes against common sense, bipartisan gun violence bills?”

This article was released by Jay Chen for Congress.


  1. Mr Chen, I am not voting for any Republican as long as Donald Trump is the standard bearer of the Republican party. The party that incited a seditious riot on Jan-6th, raised taxes on Californians and now is trading in Secret and Top Secret information to the highest bidder. Maybe when more Republicans like Michelle Steel develop a backbone to criticize the fascist extremists in the party then this madness will stop.

  2. Mr. Chen, I am not voting for any Democrat as long as Joe Biden is in the White House. Biden is destroying my retirement savings. I might have to work until I die. Not voting for any Democrats and maybe when they lose really bad in November they will stop this madness.

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