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United States Polo Association to debut USPA Women’s Arena Open for the first time on West Coast

The United States Polo Association announced that it will debut the highly anticipated USPA Women’s Arena Open for the first time on the West Coast as the Orange County Polo Club is hosting the prestigious series Sept. 23-25. Live coverage will also be available on Global Polo TV.

The thrilling event takes the term “Hockey on Horseback” to the extreme as players use their mounts to move an opponent away from the ball and use the walls to rebound and play angles and passes to their teammates. It’s fast, it’s physical and reaction times are quick. The USPA Women’s Arena Open will showcase the highest level of women’s arena polo currently played in the United States.

With a spacious arena, specially designed footing, a jumbotron, a gorgeous clubhouse and plenty of room for spectators, the tournament is guaranteed to be competitive, safe and fun for all participants and guests. The event showcases some of the highest-rated women arena players in the nation, and the world, for prize money in a national USPA tournament. Matches will be played as four seven-and-a-half minute chukkers using USPA rules and professional umpires. Ties will be broken via shootout.

Teams Participating, Include:

Lakeside Polo Club (San Diego, Calif.)
Orange County Polo Club (Orange County, Calif.)

Tres Leches
Rancho Arroyo/Luna Polo


FRIDAY September 23rd

  • 1pm – USPA Women’s Arena Open Semi-Final Game 1
  • 3pm – USPA Women’s Arena Open Semi-Final Game 2

SATURDAY September 24th

  • 2pm – Pacific Coast Circuit Women’s Arena Challenge Game 1
  • 4pm – Pacific Coast Circuit Women’s Arena Challenge Game 2

SUNDAY September 25th

  • 9am – USPA Women’s Arena Open Consolation
  • 11am – USPA Women’s Arena Open FINALS
  • 1pm – Pacific Coast Circuit Women’s Arena Challenge Finals
  • 3pm – Pacific Coast Women’s Arena Challenge Consolation

Awards ceremony to follow

A landmark event for women’s polo, the semifinals and final of the USPA Women’s Arena Open will be livestreamed on Global Polo TV. The games will also be available for free at globalpolo.com.

“With its year-round sunshine and perfect polo conditions, we are beyond thrilled to debut the Women’s Arena Open for the first time on the West Coast at such an immaculate facility like the Orange County Polo Club,” said Robin Sanchez, USPA Arena Committee Chairman. “This event is truly unique as it brings together not only the best female players from around the world but rising junior players that get to play alongside their idols in the sport. Whether you’re a fan of the sport or are looking to experience something new, this is one event spectators don’t want to miss.”

“As a junior player, this is my first Women’s Arena Tournament on a national level. I’ve been preparing a lot at home, taking many lessons, spending time in the hitting cage, and stick and balling in my free time, because I know there will be some incredible women players out there in the Women’s Arena Open! I am so lucky to have a chance to play with Marissa Wells and Cindy Halle on Team OC Polo. Both are incredible and seasoned players that I have so much to learn from. I can’t wait to get out there,” said Mila Slutzky, member of the OC Polo Club.

For more information about the USPA, visit uspolo.org.

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The United States Polo Association was organized and exists for the purposes of promoting the game of polo, coordinating the activities of its Member Clubs and Registered Players, arranging and supervising polo tournaments, competitions and games, and providing rules, handicaps, and conditions for those tournaments, competitions, and games including the safety and welfare of participants and mounts. Founded in 1890, the USPA is the national governing body for the sport of polo. The USPA is currently comprised of more than 200 member clubs with thousands of individual members and oversees 40 national tournaments. For more information, please visit uspolo.org.

This article was released by the United States Polo Association.

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