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Letter to the Editor: Jay Chen wants you to forget

Dear Editor,

Jay Chen wants you to forget the racist remarks he made a couple months ago in a synagogue in Fountain Valley, but I certainly can’t forget how he chose to attack Michelle Steel for her “accent” and how he “needs a translator” to understand what she is saying.

Michelle Steel came to America from South Korea. She speaks Japanese, Korean and English as her 3rd language. She is the embodiment of this district because she built herself up from nothing to now living the American Dream much like a lot of the Asian Americans have done in this district.

Jay Chen’s racist remarks show his true colors, which is why I will be supporting Congresswoman Michelle Steel in the upcoming election.

Jill Rafelson
Los Alamitos


  1. The accent is just an “act”. The accent is used to be vague, non-committal, and give the impression of a benign person. Far from it. Michelle Steel is all in on Trump-ism but does it in a concealed way. The TRUMP_TAXATION cost Californians more money annually in extra Federal taxes than they will ever pay extra for food, gas and other essentials. Michelle Steel is all in on the current Republican agenda to raise taxes on middle class, further restrict women’s access to birth control and fertility treatments. Just listen to Lindsay Graham. Republicans are quietly tell Lindsay Graham to shut-up until after the election. Did Michelle Steel contradict anything that Graham or other radical fascist Republicans have said? No.

  2. Joe Biden’s is failing in everything. Biden has done a lot of damage to the United States. When I go food shopping, I am almost in tears because of BIDENFLATION. That’s why his approval rating is in the 30s. If you think Biden is doing a lousy job, which he is, why would anyone want to vote Democrat? It makes no sense.

    I am voting for Michelle Steel. Everyone I know in her district says she is a very good Congresswoman.

    We have to stop the Democrats!

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