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Letter to the Editor: Marquez opens Cypress to liability by disregarding council rules

Dear Editor:

Can’t someone give Council Member Frances Marquez a few lessons on the legal rules of being a council member?

Ignoring Anaheim Union High School District policy, progressive Marquez and two of her endorsed progressive candidates (Troy Tanaka running for Cypress School Board and Helen Le running for Cypress City Council) recently campaigned at Cypress High School. Billed as an informative visit, this was a CAMPAIGN stop as part of Marquez’s efforts to have the Cypress School Board and Cypress City Council gain progressive majorities. (And we have seen how well progressive majorities work in other cities.)

Marquez was given detailed Anaheim Union High School District policy by the Cypress High School principal regarding what she could and could not do during her visit. But when does Marquez ever follow the rules?

Marquez was told that her visit could NOT be a campaign visit. So, what does Marquez do during her visit to Cypress High School? She hands out campaign literature to the Cypress High School students, instructing them to give the flyers to their parents. Again, when does Marquez ever follow the rules?

Now Marquez might have opened the City of Cypress to legal liability issues because she campaigned at the high school in her position as a council member and shared her own personal positions on issues facing the city. Since Tanaka and Le campaigned at Cypress High School, will all the other candidates running for school board and city council be allowed to campaign at the high school, distribute campaign literature to students to give to their parents and express their personal views on issues?

I wonder what progressive Marquez would have said if one of the conservative (as in fiscally responsible) city council members had shown up at Cypress High School and handed out campaign literature and shared his or her personal views on issues. My guess is that the Democrat Marquez would take the position of her party: “rules for thee, not for me.”

For the sake of our wonderful community, we must elect people to the Cypress City Council and the Cypress School Board that understand policies and laws apply to all elected officials. These are nonpartisan positions, but I urge everyone in Cypress to vote for candidates who are fiscally responsible and follow rules, procedures and most important, follow the law.

When will Marquez’s embarrassing stunts stop? Or maybe the question should be which Cypress school is next on Marquez’s campaign tour?


Millie Bricker


  1. Marquez didn’t do anything wrong. This is a political smear by partisans who are mad their leadership didn’t think to support the campuses with real political insights. Marquez is fantastic; my kids have been fortunate to have met her many times. My kids are in government classes and very astute politically. They are in political clubs and movements. They know more than many citizens and have brought me to 3 political/activist events just this year. They appreciate a civic leader who has time to help young people get involved and talk about real issues and real government. Our kids are almost ready or are ready to vote! Stop being such partisan whiners! Marquez has been to the HS many times. The school district should be encouraging council members to visit campus to teach civics; not be afraid of what dirt might get let out of the bag. This is a farce. What are they afraid of? Why aren’t they all there talking to our young adults? Seriously; guarded permission and silencing? Keeping High-schoolers who are voting next year from hearing the issues?! This is misplaced enforcement and leadership failure. What are they afraid of? These “kids” are nearly the new leaders!

  2. The mean spiritedness of these comments as well as the article don’t exactly help your argument.

    I agree Marquez made a mistake going to the school. I agree she lost sight of what was appropriate. What I find disappointing is the aggressive, divisive, hostility exemplified here. My guess the kids are fine–it’s the adults sanity I’m concerned about.

    There is absolutely no reason to vilify a sitting council member like this. Troy Tanaka is a republican and running for school board. Why is he also an enemy?

    The idea that you’re calling our council “fiscally conservative” is laughable. Follow the money.

    1. Follow the money back to Valley Vista Services and you will see “fiscally conservative” was pushed aside by “ethically challenged”.

    2. I keep seeing that the council members other than Marquez are being called “fiscally conservative.” How so? They gave a trash contract via bid to Valley Vista. Valley Vista said they would go bankrupt, so they let VV out of the $200,000+ fee they were supposed to give the city AND extended their contract??? .That’s meant decreased money for the city. Conservative? They raised residents’ fees. That’s conservative? Now they are spending lots of money on a lawsuit over districting??? That’s conservative??? And there isn’t room to discuss the money they may be spending in lawsuits over the use of the City Yard. Our council is many things, some good and some bad, but they are definitely not worthy of the title “fiscally conservative.”

  3. Frances would have never been elected in Cypress if she hadn’t had thousands & thousands of dollars poured into her campaign by out of town liberals. She wants to take over the city by getting her liberal friends elected to back her up in efforts to change the culture of Cypress. We have a wonderful city. Do not let it become another L.A. hell hole. Do not let Frances bring her destructive agenda to Cypress.

  4. Will she cry as being bullied, picked on, because the principal banned her from school, like she does at city council meeting? Now everyone understands why she gets criticized, reprimanded at the meetings. Because she believes she is above the law due to being part of “protected class”. I have watched her at city council meetings livestream. She is being consistent. Rules don’t apply to her, she does whatever she wants, and turn the meeting into caos. When criticized, she cries victim. She put Cypress on notice, stated that if she becomes majority after the election, things are going to change in Cypress. What did she mean by that, a lawless Cypress? Transform this beautiful city into another LA? Progressives do progressive things. It would be foolish to support any candidate she endorses, such as Helen Le, Troy Tanaka.

    1. What is the protected class she thinks she belongs to? What a crock!

  5. These attacks against our City of Cypress are not good. In this case, not another direct attack with a lawsuit, but a wonton disregard for laws and policies which opens our city to legal liability. Especially a Councilmember with a background in education should clearly have known better.

  6. Marquez is using the worn out 50 year old playbook of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”.

  7. Democrat Council Member Frances Marquez doesn’t seem to know anything about being an elected official. Just how to moan and groan and disrupt city council meetings. She has stated that she has spoken to students many times over the years but she didn’t do it as an elected official. Isn’t there a class Marquez can attend to learn how to be a Council Member? Her antics are embarrassing Cypress.

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