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Long Beach Airport airfield construction project schedule update

As you may know, Long Beach Airport (LGB) is in the midst of a major construction project to improve safety on the airfield. The reconstruction of Taxiway L, the primary taxiway for all departing commercial aircraft, began in January 2022 with an anticipated August 2022 completion date. Due to a nationwide shortage of concrete and asphalt, and other material supply chain issues, the construction completion date is now November 2022.

As a result of construction, LGB’s primary runway, Runway 12-30, is closed most evenings from 10 pm until 6 am, and nighttime aircraft activity shifts to Runway 08L-26R, which runs parallel to Wardlow Road.

As the hours of available sunlight are now getting shorter, pilots have the opportunity, though they are not required, to complete their required nighttime flying hours earlier in the evening.

Any questions or concerns regarding noise impacts may be directed to [email protected]

This article was released by the Long Beach Airport.