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Keep Cypress United announces City Council endorsements

Throughout August, Keep Cypress United, a diverse and growing non-partisan group of Cypress residents, met with several candidates running for city council. They asked a variety of questions, focusing on numerous challenges facing the city with special emphasis on districting. After much discussion, Keep Cypress United has announced its 2022 city council endorsements:

  • Terry Miller
  • Scott Minikus
  • Bonnie Peat

“I believe these are the best city council candidates to keep Cypress financially healthy, safe and welcoming,” said founding member Glenn Button.

With 50,000 residents over 6.6 square miles the city borders 11 cities in both Los Angeles and Orange counties. All those cities have a much higher sales tax with many also charging a utility tax. Cypress has no utility tax, and its 7.75 percent sales tax is the lowest along with Buena Park and Anaheim, two cities that bring in tax revenue with their theme parks.

Keep Cypress United supports the current city council majority’s decision to fight districting, which they believe would destroy the small city’s sense of community and ability to address specific issues. With its focus on electing a fiscally responsible city council members, Keep Cypress United points out that Cypress has an internationally known business corridor, family-friendly parks, and a responsive police department. Cypress continues to be one of Orange County’s most well-run and safest cities.

Keep Cypress United, whose name highlights the city’s long-recognized welcoming unity, is proud of its diverse membership. The group will have a booth on Saturday, October 1 at the Cypress Community Festival and invites attendees to stop by to say hello, ask questions, enter the opportunity drawing to win a gift card to a local business and to learn why we should Keep Cypress United.

This article was released by Keep Cypress United.


  1. “A diverse and growing non-partisan group” of Cypress residents? These are 3 white Republicans. Ms Peat’s husband Jon Peat took $35,000 in PAC money from Valley Vista and then extended the contract without a bid until 2037.

  2. Thank you to Keep Cypress United for your in-depth research. You’ve clearly done your homework. It’s apparent you are well informed as those who are not, seem to try to discredit you. (Whine like my grandchildren when they didn’t get their way). As one whose family also tries to stay informed, we have experienced derogative/hate, remarks from those uninformed! We prefer facts NOT feelings. Knowledge and experience, make wise leaders. Leading from/with emotions disrupt anyone ability to make sound governing decisions! Thank you again for your due diligence.

  3. As a moderate, I don’t believe in voting in blocks. I want to see/hear discussion and debate for different ideas.

    I don’t believe that this can happen with an all or nothing slate. If everything passed 5-0 or 4-1, what ideas for betterment of community can be developed? Whose interests are served? Control in the hands of a few is concerning at best..

  4. Thanks for the advice. Now I know who NOT to vote for. The candidates that would approve another no-bid, high dollar contract with Valley Vista Sevices (trash collection)

  5. When I heard there were 7 people running for city council I knew that anyone who aligned with Councilmember Marquez would be off my list. That meant David Burke & Helen Le we’re definitely no
    Votes. I wasn’t sure about Rachel Strong but after having seen several homes with signs for Strong & Jay Chen (Democrat candidate for Congress) I took Strong off my list. If Peat, Minikus & Miller are running as a team than I will vote for them.

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