Carrie Hayashida releases candidate statement for her run for Cypress City Council

The following is the candidate statement issued by Carrie Hayashida for Cypress City Council.
Carrie Hayashida, candidate for Cypress City Council. Courtesy photo.
Carrie Hayashida, candidate for Cypress City Council. Courtesy photo.

As a 27-year Cypress resident, I look forward to serving the community that provided a good life for my family. This small town community has a big heart and offers something for every generation. I plan to work on behalf of the residents to maintain the quality of life that makes Cypress a top place to live.

Responsible Growth & Management: The State mandated cities, including Cypress plan to build a specific number of homes in the next several years. Our community should build at a pace that is cautious, sustainable, and balanced across the entire city. Attending the first Cypress Citizen’s Academy taught me about City operations, infrastructure, and its financial health. As the Business Park looks to modernize and the pandemic economic recovery continues, I look forward to working with stakeholders to build new partnerships that is good for Cypress.

Build a Sustainable Community: Networking and building relationships are key elements of a solid foundation needed when implementing programs. As we build, I’d like Cypress to consider building more areas for outdoor eating and boutique style small businesses to invite surrounding cities, as well as Cypress residents to shop and relax here. Hopefully, it will also create more opportunities for our high school and college students to work close to home.

Preserve Cypress’ Quality of Life: Cypress is a great city that like most is dealing with challenges (e.g., state mandated housing & the Pandemic recovery). If elected, I look forward to working to move us forward. Some of my community activities include: Little League Asst. Coach, SEYO Basketball Team Parent, Luther Elementary Room Parent, KHS Shamrock Regiment VP Hospitality, and Walker Jr High Site Council Representative. It was a privilege to volunteer and the experience will serve me well as a Council Member.

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