featured graphic for campaign by Suzie Price for mayor of Long Beach CA

Long Beach mayoral candidate Suzie Price releases first video advertisement of general election

Suzie Price, candidate for Long Beach Mayor and current City Councilwoman, released “Chance,” her first advertisement of the general election.


“Money was tight. We were immigrants. And my mom was raising me on her own,” Price begins, as she looks through old family photos alongside her mother. “But we never gave up.”

The ad continues, spotlighting how she fought for a young rape survivor during law school which drove her to become a criminal prosecutor. She highlights her work on the City Council to protect abortion access and affirms her commitment to lowering costs for families across Long Beach.

The script of the ad reads as follows:

Suzie Price narrates:

“Money was tight.

We were immigrants.

And my mom was raising me on her own.

But we never gave up.

I worked my way through college.

And during law school, I fought to get justice for a young rape survivor.

That is what drove me to become a criminal prosecutor.

With Roe overturned, I’m so proud that I expanded access to abortion care.

As Mayor, I’ll work to get costs under control, so that families can have a chance to make it here – just like I did.

I’m Suzie Price and I’m running for Mayor.”

This article was released by Suzie Price for Mayor.