featured graphic for the campaign of Janet Keo Conklin for La Palma City Council

Meet Janet Keo Conklin, candidate for La Palma City Council

The following is a candidate statement for Janet Keo Conklin, candidate for La Palma City Council:

I’m running for La Palma City Council because our city deserves a leader who will listen to residents and put in the time and energy needed to get things done.

As your Councnilmember, I will work hard every day to:

  • Responsibly manage our budget and hard-earned tax dollars
  • Find new sources of local general revenue for the city
  • Strengthen our police force
  • Improve transparency and communication
  • Build stronger partnerships with schools and community organizations

As a child of immigrants, I started my life in America at age 5 in California. I was the first one in my family to attend college and obtain my bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UCI and immediately began my career working for major 500 companies like Xerox and Canon.

This gives me a strong background in organization, negotiation, and problem-solving. Today, as a small business owner, I’m proud to help people realize their American dream of homeownership.

I’m active in our community, serve with nonprofits, and have served the city as a volunteer. I would be honored to earn your vote.