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Candidate statement for Terry Miller running for Cypress City Council

My family and I have called Cypress our home for almost 10 years. I have over 20 years of experience as an IT Manager successfully leading teams, working with budgets, and managing large-scale projects. I am actively involved in the community and serve on the Cypress Community Festival Committee and the Cypress Youth Baseball Board, and I coach my son’s youth baseball team.

Terry Miller, candidate for Cypress City Council. Courtesy photo.
Terry Miller, candidate for Cypress City Council. Courtesy photo.

I’m running for city council because I want to be an independent voice on the council that represents the interests of Cypress residents. I want to use my experience to find effective solutions to the issues our community is facing. Currently, there are growing divisions on the city council and among community members. Many residents feel that important issues are not being addressed by council members because of those divisions. I want to bridge those divides and create allies on issues—and I will do it with civility and mutual respect.

As your City Council Member, I will:

  • Work with residents and city officials to ensure the city council is transparent and accountable. I will be open to your ideas, concerns, and conversations; and you will always know how I voted and why I voted how I did.
  • Be a responsible steward of taxpayer money by making sure your tax dollars are managed prudently, maintaining balanced budgets, and controlling costs. You can rest assured that I will not support tax increases.
  • Foster thoughtful economic growth by supporting small businesses, promoting a business-friendly climate, and weighing economic opportunities against the long-term effects they may have on our community.
  • Ensure Cypress remains a good and safe place to live and work by preserving the quality of life in the city, through investments in infrastructure and recreation facilities, and making sure that public-safety needs are being met.

I have real-world experience working with others and leading teams, and I am committed to listening to you, the residents of our community. I think that if we can work together—city officials and residents—on the important issues, we can bring our shared vision for the future of Cypress to a reality.

Please visit my website for more information: www.TERRYFORCYPRESS.com. You can reach out to me directly at [email protected].

The article and photo above were released by the campaign of Terry Miller for Cypress City Council.


  1. I’ve seen your comments across multiple different platforms. It feels to me that you tell people what they want to hear. You talk about the need for change and to “remove the cronies” and then you have photographs with all the cronies smiling with a police officers PAC endorsement.

    Typical politician in my opinion. No different than the ones we’ve got.

    1. Joel I am in total agreement with you regarding the way Terry Miller is campaigning for Cypress City Council. Terry at several candidate gatherings would walk up to candidates having a conversation and just include himself in the conversation without regard of others. He just does not seem genuine to any degree. It is ashame that at candidate gatherings as I have witnessed, he listens to a candidates statement and imediately repeats it as if it is his own. There are not many that are willing to take on the challenge that awaits the 2023 City Council and are serious about wanting to do what the people of Cypress want and be willing to get invoved in changing the items of concern by our city and making rules regarding the future authority the council has going forward. No more contract extensions beyond the four year term of the council. Keep the people informed during negotioations so that the city can vote on large dollar items and share in the responsibilty. Fortunately, I believe that this election for City Council has a unique list of candidates. Scottt Minikus the incumbent truthfully is a false term an incumbent should be an elected official replacing an official that has left office prior to completing their term. But Scott was not elected he was appointed, big difference. He did not pay to run for office like the candidates he was appointed ant no cost, wrong in my opinion the people should have the right to choose. Now this year bonnie Peat is running is she more of the same? or is she a new face? Rachel Strong is one of the two 2020 candiates that are running again this year. I think that Carrie Hayashida who also ran in 2020 are what Cypress is in dire need of as council members. Both candidates are single parents which is in itself a testimate of their character and responsibilty. David Burke is a new father and is a lawyer that may be helpful in negotiations in future contracts for the city. It is not time to vote for the same old council mindset lets get out and vote Hayashida, Strong and Burke for the next city council who along with Ann Hertz-Mallari and Francis Marquez will do what the people of Cypress not only want , but deserve! Don R

  2. I am voting for you, Bonnie Peat and Scott Minikus. Others are doing the same because we don’t want our city to become like Los Angeles or Long Beach. Cypress is a good community and I am urging others to vote for the 3 of you to maintain Cypress.

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