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Follow the money in the 2022 Cypress Council election: David Burke

The City of Cypress has posted online the campaign finance disclosure statements (“460s” and “497s”) for all the candidates running for City Council next month. Once the page displays after you click the link, you will need to scroll down to see the list of qualified candidates. Clicking on a particular candidate’s name will expand the list to display details about that candidate.

Orange County Breeze will analyze the finance information for all the candidates, beginning in this article with David Burke because he happens to top the list on the City’s website.

Simple analysis of donations

Let it first be stated that David Burke has loaned his campaign $5150.

Having said that, in both number of campaign donations and in amount of money donated, non-Cypress donors outweigh Cypress residents, especially so if a single individual Cypress donation of $4900 is set to the side.

As of October 19, the posted financial forms show a total of 24 donations for a total (if I have added correctly) of $17,150.

To be clear, this total does not include the loan mentioned above.

Five of those donations are from Cypress residents, one for $4900 as mentioned above. (That is also the largest donation received, either from within Cypress or outside.) The remainder are from $100 to $250. Total donations from within the City of Cypress amount to $5600. That single donation of $4900 represents more than 87% of all the “inside Cypress” donations.

That means 19 of the donations are from outside of Cypress, ranging in size from $100 to $2500 and totaling $11,550. Total outside contributions are slightly more than double the total of contributions from inside Cypress. Outside contributions from individuals range from $100 to $2500. Outside contributions from groups range from $200 to $1500. The groups that have donated to the Burke campaign are:

  • Sharon Quirk Silva for Assembly 2022 – two donations of $200 each
  • Build the Bench PAC – one donation of $1500
  • Planned Parenthood of Orange County and San Bernardino County PAC – $500
  • Democrats of North Orange County $300

About campaign expenses

Burke’s campaign expenses are fairly predictable: printing of campaign material, online expenses for web design and Facebook, campaign filing, election analytics, fees to be included in targeted-group mailers, booth rental at the Cypress Festival…

…the one expense that shouts out as partisan is a payment to the Democratic Party of Orange County.

Update and corrections

David Burke emailed me to request corrections to the article above:

…thank you for offering some coverage of candidate campaign finance in Cypress.

I just wanted to flag some corrections for you in the article you posted about my campaign finance information.

First, the total number of Cypress residents who have donated as of that report is seven, not five. And the total amount is $6,400, not $5,600.
The seven are
TY $4900
TM $300
LDS $100
MD $100
GP $250
WS $250
MR $500 (I understand why you didn’t include MR as her address states Los Alamitos. But she, in fact, lives in Cypress in [a neighborhood] near Cottonwood Church. It is an odd situation where some Cypress voters have a Los Alamitos address)

Obviously, that increased total reduces the % accounted for by the $4,900 contribution.

Second, of the 24 total contributions, eight are from Cypress residents, not five. 16 are from outside Cypress, not 19.

Third, the total amount of contributions, not including the loan I made to myself, is $14,779, not $17,150. This total is available at the top of column B on the form covering 07/01/22 to 09/24/22.

Fourth, the values of “in Cypress” donations vs. “outside Cypress” is $6,400 and $10,750.

Fifth, for future reference, a candidate may have more Cypress contributors than it appears on the form because only contributions of $100 or more are itemized. I, in fact, have a number of contributions from Cypress residents under $100 but I’m not sure how you want to deal with those for the purpose of these articles.

I stand corrected.

To determine whether a donation came from inside Cypress or outside Cypress, I used the address on the 460 or 497, as posted. One Cypress donor actually donated twice, and I managed to split those two donations between inside and outside.

To be clear, the reason that I decided to make a distinction between inside and outside donations is because of the huge stink made over outside donations received by candidates in the 2020 election.

Regarding the smaller donors, I can make no judgement because I have no information. For future articles, I will look for the Total Monetary Donations This Period in Column A on line 1 of page 3 of Form 460 and subtract the total itemized donations for this period. That should be the total of non-itemized donations, but that is about all that I can say.


  1. Thank you for your astute observations and accurate reporting. There is need for concern about David Burke’s campaign is indeed funded by Progressive Organizations. For a candidate that espouses “transparency”, his actions are anything but transparent.

    For months now, Burkes actions have raised the eyebrows of concerned Cypress Citizens. Several questions being asked are; the accuracy of his actual Cypress Residency…P.O. Box office? Lack of basic knowledge (including History) of our well Managed Cypress Community. If there are so many things, he says, need to be fixed in Cypress, (to quote a famous TV personality) why did you come here?

    1. David must be scaring the old boys club if their minions are spreading birther-level conspiracy theories about him. Every council candidate has their residence verified by the county before they’re allowed on the ballot. Maybe you should turn off InfoWars and join the rest of us in reality.

  2. David Burke on the Cypress City Council?????? Please NO!!!!! We do not need or want a Long Beach progressive. Look at all the problems Long Beach and Los Angeles have because of progressives like Burke. Bet that Frances Marquez wants Burke on the council!

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