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Follow the money in the 2022 Cypress Council election: Rachel Strong

The City of Cypress has posted online the campaign finance disclosure statements (“460s” and “497s”) for all the candidates running for City Council next month. Once the page displays after you click the link, you will need to scroll down to see the list of qualified candidates. Clicking on a particular candidate’s name will expand the list to display details about that candidate.

Orange County Breeze will analyze the finance information for all the candidates. So far, the series consists of articles on:

We continue with the third candidate on the list, Rachel Strong.

Simple analysis of donations

To kickstart her campaign, Rachel Strong loaned her campaign $10,000.

Three individuals, all residents of Cypress, have contributed a total of $1100. One of those donations was for $750, much larger than the other two.

One group, the Orange County Professional Fire Fighters Association, donated $1,000.

About campaign expenses

Rachel Strong’s campaign expenses differ from the first two that we have analyzed in two components — she paid for campaign texting and web advertising.

Other than that, her expenses consist of the initial filing fee and payment to a campaign consultant.


  1. I find Rachel to be so reasonable and kind. She be a steady voice and a wonderful addition to Cypress leadership. She and David Burke have my vote.

    1. I watched the Chamber Forum. The clear top three were Rachel, David, and Bonnie. Terry Miller was so nervous I could barely understand his opening statement. Carrie was okay. Helen cares but goes off on tangents.

  2. I will go with the three endorsed by the Cypress Police Officers: Bonnie Peat, Terry Miller, Scott Minikus. Safety is on the top on my list, and Cypress Police Officers believe these three are the best candidates for the continued support for our incredible Police Dept.

    1. The only reason Terry Miller got the police endorsement is because he pledged a loyalty oath to Peat and Minikus. That’s why they’re supporting Miller–a Libertarian who had never been to a council meeting before he started running–over Carrie Hayashida, the real endorsed Republican. Carrie got over 6,000 votes in 2020. But Peat/Minikus don’t like her because she has a mind of her own. Miller just says whatever he thinks will get him elected.

  3. Senate Campaign Committee leader, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), released a Republican plan that would sunset both Social Security and Medicare. Why do conservatives like Bonnie Peat and Scott Minikus support the plan to sunset (eliminate) Social Security and Medicare?

  4. If you want our nice city to become more of a progressive cesspool like Long Beach and Los Angeles, vote for Strong. She is just another progressive who like David Burke and Helen Le.
    I am voting for Bonnie Peat and Scott Minikus. Haven’t decided on my third choice.

    1. Spoken like someone who hasn’t met these candidates. Le is more on the progressive side. Strong and Burke are fiscally sound and the Cypress Police contributed to their campaigns.

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