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West Orange County Republican Women Federated announces community election endorsements

The West Orange County RWF at their October meeting made the following community endorsements or recommendations.

The positions to the Los Alamitos and Cypress Boards of Education are of great concern to WOC RWF. Members of the club have spoken at both board meetings against CRT [Critical Race Theory] and the Indoctrination of Sexual Orientation in our schools.

The following people were voted upon and endorsed unanimously:

Colin Edwards and Rona Goldberg because of their strong dedication to the health and education of our children even if it means opposing Sacramento and the current Governor’s dictate.

Along with the OC GOP, Jon Peat is the recommendation for the Cypress School Board. Again, Jon is a fighter for Parents Rights!

For Los Alamitos City Council, West Orange County Republican Women Federated has endorsed Emily Hibard, who is a hard working accomplished business woman, philanthropist, attorney and conservative. Emily is the type of caring person that will get to know the District she will represent. She is great!

WOC GOP endorsed Peggy Huang for Superior Court Judge. She will judge by the law. Uphold the three strikes law and judge fairly. She is the real thing!

Voters can get the OCGOP endorsements per city by visiting: https://ocgop.org/endorsements/. Please do so prior to voting as you can tell who is Republican in the partisan races.

The West Orange County Republican Women Federated is celebrating its sixty-fifth anniversary. WOC RWF is part of the National Federation of Republican Women which was founded in 1938 and is the largest grassroots organization in the USA. The California Federation of Republican Women was founded in 1924 and was the inspiration for the NFRW. WOC RWF invites all Republican Women to our monthly meeting to hear prominent speakers, meet candidates, get active and enjoy being with like minded women! For information contact: Saundra Stark at [email protected].

This article was released by the West Orange County Republican Women Federated.
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