featured graphic for Lanhee Chen for California Controller campaign

Lanhee Chen raises $5 million and releases closing ad, “Proven Independent”

Lanhee Chen, candidate for California Controller, has crossed the $5 million raised mark, the most of any non-incumbent candidate for statewide office in California.

The Chen for Controller campaign has also released its closing digital advertisement for the campaign, titled “Proven Independent.” The advertisement has been airing for the last several days and is the conclusion of a multi-million dollar statewide campaign.

“I am humbled by the support my campaign has received from Californians who want to bring transparency and accountability to Sacramento,” Chen said. “People in California know that the status quo is broken.”

With our advertisements airing on televisions and digital screens across California, we are bringing our message to Democrats, independents and Republicans across our state. The choice they face is clear: between a proven independent with a plan to bring transparency and accountability to Sacramento, or a financial disaster and career politician who will bring us more of the same.”

Chen campaign fundraising highlights:

  • $5.05 million raised overall
  • 22735 unique donors
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