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Seal Beach Police Department purchases sensory kits to assist when interacting with persons with autism

The Seal Beach Police Department has purchased sensory kits to assist when interacting with individuals with autism.

Research shows that sensory kits can effectively increase critical communication and comfort for individuals with autism and other special needs in high-stress situations. Even during routine interactions, contact with law enforcement may be highly stressful for those with autism. The Seal Beach Police Department recently purchased sensory kits containing handheld fidgets, a weighted lap pad, noise-canceling headphones, and an inflatable balance disc. The kits will assist officers in situations involving people with autism or related disabilities.

In critical incidents, police officers may experience challenges communicating with children or adults with autism. The items in each kit are designed to help reduce the stress and confusion to the individuals and help build a rapport with the officer. The kits will be stored in patrol vehicles and will be readily available. Officers have begun to receive training on how to utilize the kits for effective communication.

“In addition to the training we receive on interacting with those with autism and other special needs, these kits will give us another tool to help ensure positive interactions with this important segment of our community,” said Seal Beach Sergeant Joe Garcia.

Anyone with questions should contact Seal Beach Police Sergeant Joe Garcia at (562) 799-4100 ext.1649 or [email protected].

This article was released by Seal Beach Police Department.