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Unofficial results of the votes in State Assembly District 67

The results reported by the California Secretary of State are unofficial until certified by the California Secretary of State. The deadline for certification is December 15, 2022.

That said, with 100% of 25,554 precincts partially reporting, incumbent Sharon Quirk Silva narrowly leads challenger Soo Yoo:

Name # Votes % Votes
Sharon Quirk Silva 34,746 50.2%
Soo Yoo 34,466 49.8%

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  1. Did my vote against Sharon Quirk-Silva matter? It sure did, 280-vote difference. My pocket book was waiting for a Calif Inflation or Gas Tax rebate check. Never arrived before I marked my ballot. So a NO vote for Quirk-Silva or Gov Newsom. All you two had to do was put that money in my pocket and my voting choices would have been different.

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