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US District Judge rules Biden student loan program illegal

In a final judgement issued on Thursday, November 10, US District Court Judge Mark T. Pittman has ruled in favor of the plaintiff that the student loan program proposed and implemented by the Biden Administration is illegal (pdf). The student loan program was vacated.

The student loan forgiveness proposal was widely criticized as executive overreach, the Biden Administration usurping the legislative powers of Congress.

The US Department of Education is expected to file an appeal.

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  1. Great job Republicans. You don’t understand timing. Your friends at the Supreme Court just could not wait to overturn Roe vs Wade, less than a few months before an election, and Republicans take a victory lap and say they want to curtail other women’s rights on healthcare decisions in the future. Then the student loan forgiveness application period starts, 22 million applicants line up, and Republicans announce legal action against the payments, less than a few weeks before an election. Do you think the women that were affected by the Supreme Court decision or many of the 22 million applicants for student loan forgiveness are going to vote Republican? I don’t think so. Wave goodbye to your red wave.

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