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Congresswoman Michelle Steel wins reelection in California’s 45th Congressional District

The Associated Press officially called the race for California’s 45th Congressional District and declared Congresswoman Michelle Steel the winner. At the time of the call, Congresswoman Steel led Democrat challenger Jay Chen by 13,637 votes or 7.64%.

In a historic victory, Congresswoman Steel will now represent a seat that President Biden won by about 6% in 2020, highlighting her work as a bipartisan voice in Congress.

“I am humbled that voters have given me the opportunity to continue to fight for them in Washington, DC,” stated Congresswoman Michelle Steel. “I have been firm in my commitment to deliver for working class families, and will continue to work to lower taxes, stop inflation, and stand up to Communist China. Thank you to my family, friends, staff, and volunteers who have worked diligently the past year to deliver our message to voters and secure this win.”

Steel will now represent one of the most diverse congressional districts in the country. California’s 45th District was redrawn in redistricting to empower the Asian American community in Southern California, many of whom speak English as a second language. As one of the first Korean American women ever elected to Congress in 2020, Steel has long fought for Asian communities. This election exposed a clear fault line between the Republicans’ commitment to stand up to Communist China and the Democrats’ inability to deliver a clear message about foreign relations, an issue critical to the large Vietnamese population in CA-45.

NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer releases statement on CA-45 election

NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer released the following statement regarding the results of the CA-45 election:

“Congratulations to Michelle Steel on her reelection. Michelle is the embodiment of the American Dream, and I know she’ll continue to work hard for her constituents, so they also have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. I look forward to our continued work together.”

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  1. Congratulations voters in the CA-45 district. You will now have a loyal foot soldier that will follow the orders of Kevin McCarthy and his chief of strategy Majorie Taylor Greene. Michelle Steel will all in with their agenda. You won’t hear a word of disagreement from Michelle Steel.

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