Certified results of 2022 Los Alamitos Unified School District Governing Board election

The results reported by the Orange County Registrar of Voters were certified on Friday, December 2.

That said, with 100% of 2,169 precincts reporting, the turnout was 54.7% of 1,817,149 registered voters. Altogether, 994,227 votes were cast. Of that total, the overwhelming number were vote-by-mail ballots: 830,162. That left 164.065 ballots cast at vote centers.

In the Los Alamitos Unified School District Governing Board race, two Trustee Areas were up for election, Area 1 and Area 3:

Area # Candidate # Votes % Vote
1 Marlys Davidson 1,310 51.09%
1 Colin Edwards 1,254 48.91%
3 Diana D. Hill 2,509 55.69%
3 Rona Goldberg 1,996 44.31%

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  1. It is very disappointing to learn that so many Marxists live in the Los Alamitos Unified School District. My husband and I can afford to send our children to private school, which we will now have to do. What about those who don’t have the financial resources? Their kids are stuck with leftist teachers promoting sick agendas. Or they leave California.

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