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SoCalGas alerts customers to increase in natural gas prices this month

There’s no easy way to put this: January bills are likely to be higher than usual. An unprecedented cold snap across the nation in part has caused natural gas market prices in the West to more than double between December and January – much higher than expected. As a result, SoCalGas residential customers can expect the typical January bill likely to be more than double the typical bill last January, assuming the same amount of natural gas is used.

Many SoCalGas employees are your neighbors and community members, and we are here to help you best manage your energy consumption, while balancing usage and comfort. To help keep monthly bills as low as possible, we offer tips, tools, and programs designed to assist you in finding what works best for your home or business.

  • Bill Tracker Alerts are a great way to monitor your consumption to help gauge the amount of your next bill and enrollment is easy. Completing an energy profile through our Ways to Save online tool provides you with a personalized plan to track progress and determine the best approach to help lower your energy usage. If you would like to spread out your monthly costs, check out our Level Pay Plan, which averages your natural gas usage and costs over 12 months.
  • Qualifying residential customers may also be eligible for a variety of options through our customer assistance programs. The CARE program offers a 20% bill discount, the Energy Savings Assistance Program offers no-cost home improvements, and customers with a qualifying medical condition may be eligible for additional natural gas at the lowest baseline rate through the Medical Baseline Allowance Program.

We offer bill payment options, conservation tips, rebates, and resources to help all customers in customizing their usage and savings approach. For more information, please visit socalgas.com/ManageHigherBills.

This article was released by the SoCalGas.

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