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Sharon Quirk-Silva provides 2022 AD67 Legislative Year-End Recap

The following was released by the Office of Sharon Quirk-Silva.

As I begin the new legislative session, I am proud recap my legislative successes achieved in 2022. Nine of my bills authored were signed by Governor Newsom, including measures to help expand housing opportunities in California, improve transparency in public service, and provide services to help some of our state’s most vulnerable residents. 

  • AB 408 K-12: Homeless Youth – School Liaisons
  • AB 498 Medi-Cal: Orange County Health Authority
  • AB 666 Mental Health: Workforce
  • AB 1595 Orange County Veterans Cemetery
  • AB 2221 ADU Reform
  • AB 2233 State Surplus Properties: Housing
  • AB 2508 K-12: Professional Counselors
  • AB 2827 K-12: Special Education – Access
  • AB 2256 Office of Broadband and Digital Literacy

I also secured $16 million in budget resources to help improve the health and safety of many in who live in our community.

  • $6 million to the City of Fullerton for the Navigation Center Project
  • $5 million to the City of Buena Park for the New Municipal Water Well and Reservoir
  • $2 million to the City of Fullerton for the Women’s Transitional Living Center
  • $2 million to the CSUF Center for Healthy Neighborhoods
  • $1 million to Korean Community Services for Three Mobile Health Clinics

Soon, I will introduce new bills that will provide additional support and resources to our community. If you have any questions about my legislative package or if my office can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call (714) 525-6515. My door is always open and we’re here to help!

Thank you for your continued support and for another opportunity to serve as your Assembly representative.

The article above was released by the Office of Sharon Quirk-Silva.


  1. Why doesn’t Assembly person Quirk-Silva introduce a bill to stop the automatic increases in the tax on gas and diesel fuel? You only won by a slim margin in 2022. The people that are moving out of California are those with money, not the homeless or others depending on handouts from the state. Keep your slim margin of victory in mind when you introduce legislation to give away my tax dollars. I want a handout too, a gas tax rebate based on mileage driven, not my income status.

  2. Another progressive who doesn’t understand that she and her progressive friends are why MY conservative friends are leaving California! High taxes, high crime, high homeless population, high cost of utilities … do you see a theme here? My hubby and I plan to leave in 2024. Who will be left? Illegal aliens and super rich. Good luck California with that.

    [Editor’s note: this comment was lightly edited to remove insulting language. Please remain polite when commenting.]

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