featured graphic for Young Kim (R), US Congressional representative for the 40th District of California

Representative Young Kim is sworn in to serve California’s 40th Congressional District

U.S. Representative Young Kim (CA-40) was sworn in by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (CA-20) to serve in the 118th Congress as representative for California’s 40th Congressional District, which includes parts of Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Rep. Kim released the following statement after being sworn in:

“I am humbled and honored to be able to represent California’s 40th District,” said Rep. Kim. “I came to Congress to bring common sense to Washington, break through the partisan gridlock and get things done. I will not stop fighting to support our Southern California communities, get this country back on track and keep the American dream alive for future generations. Let’s get to work!”

The article above was released by the office of Representative Young Kim (CA-40).

Note that the swearing-in ceremony took place after Kevin McCarthy (CA-20) finally won the Speakership after fifteen ballots. No members of Congress could be sworn until a Speaker is chosen. No work can begin until the Members are sworn in.


  1. The House speaker selection process for the 188th was a pure debacle featuring all Republicans. The RINOs just sat there while 20 seditious Republicans acted like children. They had no principles, no desire for anything but creating chaos. They first nominate a Republican from Florida who upon closer scrutiny, was found to have been arrested twice. Then the RINOs like Young Kim and Michelle Steel sit there doing nothing, no protest against this stupidity, just be within range of the cameras. This spectacle will be repeated many times in the next two years. Good, plenty of opportunities for Democrats to collect media clips of bad Republican behavior to use in 2024.

  2. Do they have different swearing in ceremonies for RINOS? Just asking for a friend.

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