featured graphic for California State Senate District 36 represented by Janet Nguyen

Janet Nguyen: California budget must prioritize Californians

Senator Janet Nguyen (R-Huntington Beach), California Senate Minority Caucus Chair, reacts to Governor Newsom’s announcement of the 2023-2024 proposed budget.

“A budget must be about priorities. Taxpayers cannot afford more empty promises and failures. They deserve results,” said Senator Janet Nguyen.

“Taxpayer dollars must be spent wisely. Every dollar must have an impact. I commend the Governor for focusing on homelessness, however, we continually fail to see results. With an over $20 billion deficit, California cannot sustain this inefficient spending.”

Even with this new budget announcement, Senator Nguyen will continue to fight for her constituents and Californians who have struggled with record-breaking inflation, soaring housing costs, increased crime and homelessness, and students falling behind in education.
Senator Nguyen is dedicated to protecting Californians. She has already co-authored legislation to include human trafficking within the definition of a violent crime and has authored legislation to combat rising gas prices.
Senator Janet Nguyen states, “By working with our Caucus and colleagues across the aisle, I am confident we will put Californians first and find real solutions to address their needs.”

This article was released by Office of Senator Janet Nguyen.