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California Republicans speak up for school choice

As National School Choice Week comes to a close, the release of recent heartbreaking and unacceptable test scores in California has only reaffirmed Republicans’ commitment to parents and families on this crucial issue. Our students deserve better.

The California Republican Party asked California Republican leaders around the state why they support school choice. Here is what they said:

“Parents know what’s best for their children, and that’s why the California Republican Party stands with parents to ensure children of all backgrounds can get access to the best education without worrying about their zip code. School choice is essential if we want our children to thrive and be the leaders of future generations. I am thankful to have California Republicans at the national, state and local level who are committed to positive change in our schools.” — CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson

“No parent should be forced to send their child to a failing school. As Speaker of the House, I will fight not only for school choice to empower parents to choose a quality school that makes sense for their child, but also for our Parents Bill of Rights, giving parents a permanent seat at the table when it comes to their child’s education.” — Speaker Kevin McCarthy (CA-20)

“Now more than ever parents need options when determining their child’s education pathway. Expanding school choice is the greatest civil rights issue facing our state as millions of kids remain trapped in failing schools. Most importantly, it empowers low income families by giving them quality options, while providing necessary accountability for traditional public schools.” — Congressman Kevin Kiley (CA-03)

“Every one of our children deserves to learn in a classroom that supports and uplifts their unique needs. No child should be denied that quality education because of where they live. I’m proud to stand with partners across The Valley to fight for our kids.”— Congressman John Duarte (CA-13)

“As a father of three, I understand that parents know what’s best when it comes to the educational needs of their young students. School choice empowers families to make decisions that put their kids on a pathway to academic success. I will continue working in Congress to ensure all families have the ability to decide what’s best for their children’s education.” — Congressman David Valadao (CA-22)

“The last three years have proven conclusively that one-size-fits-all government education does not work for many students, and that parents need more options. That is why I am a strong supporter of school choice. It allows parents a say in ensuring that their children receive the best education possible. Parents understand the needs of their children better than the government, and we need to ensure they have a seat at the table when it comes to their children’s education.” — Congressman Jay Obernolte (CA-23)

“At a time when nearly one in every three California students failed to meet English standards and two out of every three students failed to meet math standards, it’s clear that top-down policies from Sacramento’s supermajority leave students behind. A quality education is the key to unlocking opportunities for students. That is why I support school choice and ensuring parents have a say in their child’s education.” — Congresswoman Young Kim (CA-40)

“Parental rights have been under attack for many years in America. It’s past time we put parents back in control of their children’s education which includes ensuring they have a choice in where they send their kids to school. It’s common sense.” — Congresswoman Michelle Steel (CA-45)

“Every California student is entitled to the best possible education. I support school choice because I believe there’s no one better positioned than a student’s parents to decide what educational opportunities are best for them. During National School Choice Week let us renew our commitment to putting our students first and foremost.” — Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42)

“I stand with the many American parents throughout California and our country who are fighting every day for school choice. Every child deserves to have a chance at an education that works for them, and I will always encourage parents to voice their concerns and do what is in the best interest of their families.” — Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48)

“National School Choice Week is about supporting parental choice in education. Parents know what’s best for their kids, not bureaucrat politicians and teacher union bosses. Whether it’s traditional public schools, charter schools, private schools, or homeschools, having access to education options is critical. California Republican leaders strongly advocate for more school choice and fair funding for all schools.” — Senate Minority Leader Brian Jones (SD-38)

“Education is the key to a brighter future, and school choice provides students with the freedom to find the right educational environment that will nurture their learning style and increase their opportunity for success.” — Senator Shannon Grove (SD-12)

“There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to learning – which is why I am a firm believer in school choice. Whether it is public, private or charter schools, parents should be able to choose what is best for their kids.” — Senator Scott Wilk (SD-21)

“Every student deserves access to a quality education. School choice empowers parents to CHOOSE the best option for their child that is tailored to their needs and helps them achieve their educational goals.” — Senator Kelly Seyarto (SD-32)

“Every student in California should have an equal opportunity to access quality public schools. We should be working together to remove any obstacles in their way and ensure that every child in this state has every chance to learn, grow and succeed.” — Senator Janet Nguyen (SD-36)

“A child’s opportunity to succeed in life shouldn’t depend on the ZIP code they live in or how much money their parents make. Parents should be in the driver seat of their children’s education, and that starts with making school choice a priority.” — Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (AD-03)

“Longterm academic and career success starts with high quality educational options that best fit the needs of students. Whether it’s traditional, charter, or home-based, school choice allows families to select the path that works best for them. I will continue fighting to expand school choice in California and put parents in charge of their child’s education.” — Assemblyman Josh Hoover (AD-07)

“Whether public schools or private schools, home schools or charter schools, we need to trust parents to choose the best education options for their kids.”— Assemblyman Juan Alanis (AD-22)

“My parents instilled in me the tremendous importance of education. I stand with parents who work and advocate every single day to ensure educational opportunities for their children. Parents must have choices in their children’s education, and they must continue to be empowered to ensure their kids can be put on a path to academic success.” — Assemblyman Vince Fong (AD-32)

“As someone who worked as a special education teacher prior to my law enforcement career, I know that school choice is a critical part of honoring the primary role that families need to play in our society.” — Assemblyman Tom Lackey (AD-34)

“Determining the school their child attends is one of the most important decisions parents will make. Too often, families are stuck with schools that just don’t serve their needs. That’s why I introduced legislation to allow our most vulnerable students to transfer away from struggling schools and choose a new school that will help them succeed.” — Assemblyman Greg Wallis (AD-47)

“The quality of a child’s education should not be dependent upon their ZIP code or their income bracket. We cannot tackle the problems of tomorrow if we do not properly educate the minds of today, and that starts with school choice. Every child deserves the best education possible so that they can become a productive, competitive, and informed citizen. Our kids deserve it.” — Assemblyman Bill Essayli (AD- 63)

“Because every child deserves a great education, parents should have the freedom to choose the educational environment that best meets their children’s unique needs.” — Assemblyman Tri Ta (AD-70)

“School choice empowers parents to have direct control over their child’s education. This is extremely powerful because education dollars will directly follow and benefit the student.” — Assemblywoman Kate Sanchez (AD-71)

“I am a long time supporter of school choice. We need to unequivocally embrace it so families can choose for their children the best education opportunities California has to offer.” — Assemblywoman Diane Dixon (AD-72)

“Parents should be able to choose the best education for their children. We should trust that parents know their children’s unique needs and learning abilities, and which K-12 education option is a good fit.” — Assemblywoman Marie Waldron (AD-75)

The article above was released by the California Republican Party.