Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and CA-45 leaders endorse Kim Bernice Nguyen for Congress

Coming on the heels of a successful rollout and just four days after announcing her campaign for Congress, Garden Grove City Councilwoman Kim Bernice Nguyen announced a major endorsement from Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton), whose 67th Assembly District comprises nearly 35% of CA-45 and neighborhoods across North Orange County and Southeast Los Angeles County. Since Wednesday, 30 state, county, city, and local leaders throughout California have already lined up to endorse Kim Bernice Nguyen for Congress, including several prominent local leaders from the district.

Upon endorsing Ms. Nguyen, Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva stated:

“I’m proud to endorse Kim Bernice Nguyen for US Congress. Whether its tackling our homelessness crisis or focusing on crucial issues like gun reform, lowering healthcare costs, and protecting a woman’s right to choose, Kim represents the type of bold leadership we need in Washington and I hope you’ll join me in supporting Kim and flipping CA-45 blue!”

Leaders across CA-45 endorsing Kim Bernice Nguyen include:

Sharon Quirk-Silva, Assemblywoman, 67th District
Susan Sonne, Buena Park Mayor Pro Tem
Connor Traut, Buena Park City Councilmember
Jose Trinidad Castaneda, Buena Park City Councilmember
Frances Marquez, Cypress City Councilmember
John O’Neill, Garden Grove City Councilmember
Marshall Goodman, La Palma City Councilmember
Lamiya Hoque, Centralia School Boardmember
Luis Flores, Centralia School Boardmember
Walter Muneton, Garden Grove Unified School Boardmember

The daughter of a Vietnamese refugee and a Mexican immigrant, Kim Bernice Nguyen was the first in her family to graduate high school and college. At just 25, she won a historic election as the youngest person and first Latina ever elected to the Garden Grove City Council. A leader on women’s issues, Ms. Nguyen has stood up to harassment and sought equality and justice throughout Southern California and has fought to ensure that immigrants, like her parents, have the dignity and opportunity to succeed in our communities. A homegrown leader, Ms. Nguyen attended Clinton-Medenhall Elementary, Doig Intermediate, and Santiago High School. As a healthcare expert, she will bring a much-needed public health background to Congress, having formerly worked for CalOptima and now as a Program Manager for a large health plan.

CA-45 is one of the top pickup opportunities for Democrats in 2024. It is a Biden +6 district with a Democratic registration advantage of 5.6%. Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) and Latino voters are a majority of the district at 51.6% – with Vietnamese voters making up the largest block of AAPI voters at 58.4%. If elected, Ms. Nguyen would be the first person of Vietnamese descent ever elected to Congress in California and only the third in US history. She would also be the first Asian-Latina in Congress and one of a growing group of millennials seeking to make change on our most crucial issues.

This article was released by Kim Nguyen for Congress.


  1. Thank you for the press release that included all the progressives (some could be called Marxists) that are responsible for California becoming a dumpster. I am tired of saying goodbye to friends that are leaving for free states. Soon they will say goodbye to my family as we are moving to the Free State of Florida.

    1. Just make sure whatever road you take, always pick the one that says EAST. The sooner the better. Take some Republican friends with you.

      1. Peter, why are you so exuberant to have CA 45 become another failing area of California? Do you like high crime? High taxes? Lots of homeless?
        Don’t worry, I am a proud Republican and am staying to protect this district from Marxists.

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