featured graphic for Tri Ta representing California Assembly District 70

Assemblyman Tri Ta introduces legislation to crack down on out-of-state theft rings operating in California

Assemblyman Tri Ta submitted AB 329 to crack down on shoplifters that travel to California to participate in retail theft. The bill strengthens penalties for anyone that travels to California and commits retail theft. This legislation would make it an automatic felony for non-residents to steal from retailers in California.

“California will no longer be a safe haven for shoplifting,” said Assemblyman Ta. “With this bill, we are sending a clear message that these career criminals will no longer be welcomed in our state, and that we will hold them accountable.”

In California, the Target Corporation reported that it had lost $400 million more in gross profits to retail theft than in the previous year. Also, the Wall Street Journal reported that nationally, nearly $94.5 billion of inventory was lost in 2021 alone.

“AB 329 will give law enforcement the tools need to stop criminals that travel to California to take advantage of our laws and hurt our California businesses,” commented Assemblyman Ta.

AB 329 was introduced on January 30 and is currently awaiting committee assignment.

This article was released by the Office of Assemblyman Tri Ta.