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California Lottery unveils new video to showcase how all Californians benefit from lottery funding

The California Lottery unveiled a new video during its public commission meeting, highlighting the impact that Lottery funding has on Californians. The video showcases the Medical Assisting program at Long Beach City College (LBCC), which is funded with Lottery dollars.

Since 1984, the Lottery has raised $39 billion for California’s public schools – kindergarten through university level.

“Big, giant jackpots and the large sums we raise for education may get a lot of attention, which is great, but we also want to showcase how Lottery funding is ultimately being spent in schools,” said Carolyn Becker, California Lottery spokesperson. “We were thrilled to partner with Long Beach City College to meet not only the students benefitting from Lottery funding but also the thousands of Californians these future Medical Assistants will serve for years to come.”

“We take the time to really listen and understand what employers are looking for in their students… What kind of onramps do [students] need to skill up in terms of being ready for the positions they’re seeking,” said Dr. Mike Muñoz, Long Beach Community College District Superintendent-President, in the video.

The video further explains how LBCC leverages Lottery funding to purchase the critical supplies that students work with in the classroom before moving on to careers in medical facilities.

“If we didn’t have California Lottery dollars, often times those costs would be passed onto the student,” Dr. Muñoz also told California Lottery. “That often times creates barriers for students whether they are able to continue with their education or not.”

Lottery funding is largely discretionary for the state’s roughly 1,000 school districts as well as higher educational entities. In addition to the video unveiled today, anyone can see how much Lottery money goes to local districts across California with the interactive map tool on the California Lottery website.

This article was released by the California Lottery.