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Assemblyman Tri Ta introduces legislation supporting financial literacy in K-12 Education

Assemblyman Tri Ta introduced new legislation to promote financial literacy in K – 12 education. His bill, AB 526, will allocate funding for the purchase of standards-aligned instructional materials in financial literacy and professional development.

“Financial literacy is a key component of a well-rounded education,” said Assemblyman Ta. “AB 526 will ensure that California students will have the tools that they need to make smart financial decisions and achieve long term success.”

The California Department of Education currently offers guidelines for K-12 teachers to incorporate financial literacy into their lesson plans. However, California regularly scores in the lowest financial literacy/personal finance readiness tier. Meanwhile, students and their families regularly report that they want more access to financial literacy education.

“As more individuals find themselves in difficult financial situations, this legislation is now more important than ever,” added Assemblyman Ta. “Students should graduate with the knowledge of how to manage their personal finances.”

This article was released by the Office of Assemblyman Tri Ta.

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  1. Tri ta is exactly what needs to be done and transportation between cities needs to improve 1.000%

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