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Michelle Steel: “The President should address the nation on the nature of these objects”

Rep. Michelle Steel (R-CA) issued the following statement in response to reports that a fourth aerial object had been shot down in U.S. airspace in the span of eight days:

“It is deeply troubling that multiple unknown objects have been shot down in our airspace in the days since U.S. forces neutralized an active threat from the Chinese Communist Party within our borders.” said Rep. Steel. “The Administration’s primary responsibility is looking out for the safety and security of our citizens, and they must be transparent with the American people. Countering further acts of international hostility requires a strong showing from the Commander-in-chief that he is actively engaged in managing the situation and will do whatever it takes to protect our nation and our people. The President should address the nation on the nature of these objects, whether they pose a threat to public safety or national security, and what steps the Administration is taking to protect our citizens and confront whatever bad actors may be behind this.”

This article was released by the Office of Congresswoman Michelle Steel.

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  1. Michelle Steel said on her campaign signs that she would stop inflation and cut taxes. Instead she is suffering a chronic case of China Derangement Syndrome. Three of these communist balloons overflew the US during President Trump’s disastrous, crime ridden administration. Go ask him what was on those three balloons that he ignored because he was too busy covering up extra-marital affairs and lining his pockets. Where are my lower taxes Michelle Steel?

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