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Deliveries to Rossmoor homes not included in Los Alamitos’ 1.50% add-on sales tax

We recently received a question about the 1.50% Los Alamitos City Sales Tax being charged to items delivered to Rossmoor addresses. While it is true that we (Rossmoor) do share the 90720 Zip Code with Los Alamitos, we are not included in the City’s 1.50% add-on sales tax.

If you have been charged any sales tax over 7.75% for items delivered to your Rossmoor home, you have been overcharged and should go back to the merchant to request a refund.

As the RHA first published in January of 2021 before the Los Alamitos City sales-tax went into effect, and again when Supervisor Foley confirmed, that the state sales tax map shows that we should not be paying that additional tax. Our tax rate here in Rossmoor is the base Orange County Sales Tax of 7.75%

This link details how you can go about requesting your refund from the merchant(s) that have over charged you.

This article was released by the Rossmoor Homeowners Association.

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  1. One way to sidestep the Los Alamitos sales tax surcharge and you live in Rossmoor is to list your city address as Rossmoor CA, 90721. The software vendors use to determine sales taxes on a purchase may not associate that city/zip code combination with Los Alamitos, CA 90720 and instead charge the basic sales tax for Orange County

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