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Republican Party of Orange County endorses Rep. Michelle Steel for reelection

The Republican Party of Orange County announced their endorsement of Congresswoman Michelle Steel for reelection in California’s 45th Congressional District.

In 2020, Steel made history as one of the first Korean Americans elected to Congress. After a decisive reelection in 2022 in one of the most diverse congressional districts in the country, Steel is seeking a third term in Congress to continue her work of standing up for working class families.

In Congress, Steel has established a proven track record of lowering taxes, promoting policies that would bolster the economy and create jobs, and standing up to Communist China. She has introduced and supported multiple pieces of legislation to deter the threats China imposes on U.S. national security, and serves on the Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party. Steel has also long been a taxpayer advocate, serving on the Ways and Means committee and working diligently to slow inflation and lower the burden of high taxes on working class families.

“The Republican Party of Orange County proudly supports Congresswoman Michelle Steel,” said OCGOP Chairman Fred Whitaker. “Whether she’s fighting for lower taxes, getting our economy back-on-track, or standing up to the CCP, Congresswoman Steel is a strong voice in Congress, fighting each and every day for the voters of her district.”

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. The ESTABLISHMENT endorses Michelle Steel for re-election when it’s only Month 2 of her 24-month term. We need to see what she does/doesn’t do before WE THE PEOPLE decide who to endorse.

    1. What she does: 1. Enable Republicans to avoid scrutiny for being traitors on Jan-6 by her silence. 2. Writes whiny letters to the President asking questions when she cannot understand basic functions of government. Basic functions of government do not include making baby formula or unloading ships in our local ports. What she does not do: 1. Criticize the crazies in the Republican party who want things like a divorce of states from the union, please start with Texas 2. Propose any meaningful legislation to cut our taxes or stop inflation despite what she advertises on her campaign signs.

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