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Lakewood residents are called to nominate their own or a neighbors house for recognition

The Lakewood Beautiful program honors Lakewood residents who take extra care to keep their homes and yards (and local neighborhoods) looking great.

Studies show that home upkeep and beautification by caring, committed residents keeps crime rates low and property values healthy, thereby benefiting the whole community.

You can help honor those Lakewood residents who go “above and beyond” to keep their home and yards looking beautiful by submitting a nomination form by March 29, 2023.

Read about the four ways to honor your home or a neighbor’s home in the Lakewood Beautiful program.

How to nominate a house

You can nominate a property online or by calling City Hall at 562-866-9771, ext. 3123.

The deadline is Wednesday, March 29.

After the nomination deadline, photos are taken by a professional photographer of the street-facing portion of each home and yard.

A panel of judges then reviews the photos and determines if the home will be recognized.

Judges’ tips for a winning home

What does it take to be a winning home, you ask? Lakewood Beautiful judges aren’t looking for the most expensive or elaborately landscaped homes.

Past winners’ homes were distinguished not just by attractive style, but for displaying exceptional care and pride of ownership, such as:

  1. Neat, clean and well-maintained exteriors.
  2. Landscaping design of front yard and parkway in harmony and balance with the home.
  3. Good use of plant variety, texture, color–plant material should be consistent throughout the landscape, with similar plant material and repetition.
  4. Attention to detail.
  5. Overall consistent care of property and landscaping.

The view of the home from the street is an important aspect of the judging.

Lakewood Beautiful judges shared a few more tips to help a home achieve the highest marks, including:

  1. Shrubs should not block out windows, obstruct walkways, entrances and doorways.
  2. Turf should be trimmed, with no visible dry areas and as weed free as possible.
  3. Parkway needs to be maintained to the standards of the rest of the property.
  4. Walkways and driveways should be free of cracks, stains or missing portions.

Read more tips and disqualifying conditions!

The article above is based on information released by the City of Lakewood.