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Assembly Republicans: Newsom chasing the spotlight leaves California in the shadows

The Washington Post recently gave Gov. Newsom more of the national attention he craves, listing him as No. 5 on its list of Democratic presidential contenders. The Post’s writeup highlighted fights the governor picked with a handful of Republican-led states.

But how are things going here in California – you know, the state Newsom should be most concerned with?

  • His administration blew through a deadline to secure funding for toxic waste cleanup, leaving low-income, minority families to deal with the consequences.
  • Despite calling for more accountability in the state’s homelessness programs, Gov. Newsom still hasn’t backed a plan to make sure we get results from our billions in spending. Maybe he forgot.
  • High-Speed Rail got turned down for more than a billion in federal funding because the project is “not cost effective.”
  • The nonpartisan legislative analyst predicted the state’s deficit will grow by $7 billion and that the governor’s budget will break the bank in future years.
  • The state’s population continues to shrink, as Californians flee in search of lower costs and a higher quality of life.
    California has the highest poverty rate and homeless population, and the second-highest housing and gas prices.

Maybe we’d be in better shape on these issues if we had a governor who focused on doing his job, not chasing the national spotlight.

The article above was released by the Assembly Republican Caucus.