featured graphic for Tri Ta representing California Assembly District 70

Assemblyman Tri Ta introduces legislation to expand veteran services and ensure no veteran is left behind

Assemblyman Tri Ta announced introducing AB 684 to expand veteran services and ensure that no veteran is left behind. If enacted, the legislation will provide a stipend to California counties to maintain a veteran service officer on each active United States military base in their county.

“County Veteran Service Officers perform an essential role in connecting veterans to the benefits they deserve, such as medical care and home loans,” said Assemblyman Ta. “AB 684 will ensure that California’s discharging service members receive access to an on-base veteran service officer and the veteran’s benefits they are entitled to.”

The California Association of County Veteran Service Officers reports that California’s ratio of veterans to veteran service representatives lags behind other states, resulting in an estimated 65,000 veterans missing out on their benefits and roughly $1.1 billion in VA benefits lost annually.

“AB 684 will connect veterans to their well-deserved benefits, which will help offset the high cost of living in California and assist veterans and their families remain in the state,” added Assemblyman Ta. “AB 684 will ensure California is upholding its responsibility to its service members and assisting their transition to civilian life.”

This article was released by the Office of Assemblyman Tri Ta.