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SCORE Webinar: Using SMS Text Marketing To Grow Your Business

The SCORE webinar Using SMS Text Marketing To Grow Your Business! by Liz Harsch will be held Wednesday March 8, 2023 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Are you using SMS Text Marketing to Grow Your Business? Did you know that studies show that today’s consumers are tied to their smart phones and often choose to get their information through SMS (Text) Marketing.

Join our webinar to learn how to create and share successful SMS (text) marketing. Learn how to create the best content to keep entice your contacts into action. Learn the hurdles you must overcome to develop trust and execute a robust SMS Marketing program. Make sure you are successful by successfully setting up and executing SMS Marketing’s best practices to connect and engage with your contacts and customers. We’ll cover some examples of successful SMS Marketing campaigns.

Learn the important steps you need to take to keep your contacts subscribed and interacting with your company in order to achieve your marketing goals by adding this powerful tool to your media mix.

This Workshop Will Teach You:

  • Statistics on SMS Marketing and how it works best for retail and business customers.
  • Smarter strategies for using SMS marketing to grow your lists and sales.
  • Top incentives to increase SMS subscribers and keep them responding.
  • Examples of companies using SMS marketing correctly.
  • How to set goals and use SMS marketing safely for your customers and contacts.
  • Content that works best when using SMS text messaging for businesses.
  • How to set up SMS marketing legally and how to keep your company compliant.
  • How to ensure you reach the right list for a more successful result.
  • Ideas on content that will guarantee a more successful sign-up and retain subscribers.
  • Media mixing with SMS, Social Media, Email Marketing and more.
  • How to measure your results & improve future SMS posts.
  • Conversion actions to turn SMS leads into customers and use data to realize your goals.
  • Understand legal guidelines for SMS marketing to keep your company compliant.

Presented by Liz Harsch

Liz Harsch of Tailor-Made Advertising has been helping small businesses make more of their marketing budget since 1988. She has been awarded by Constant Contact as an All Star Email Marketer and is Master Certified and an Authorized Local Expert to present Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Workshops & offers other Small Business Workshops.

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