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Senator Min’s statement on the removal of the LGBTQ+ pride flag in Huntington Beach

Senator Dave Min issued the following statement as the Huntington Beach City Council prepared for a final vote to remove the LGBTQ+ Pride Flag from city property.

“Tonight, the Huntington Beach City Council will have one final opportunity to vote in support of flying the LGBTQ+ Pride Flag on city properties from City Hall to the world famous Huntington Beach pier. The Pride Flag is not only a statement of our values of diversity and inclusion, it is a powerful symbol that Surf City is a place that welcomes everyone.

The Pride Flag’s removal sends the wrong message to our residents and to the millions of tourists who visit each year. Its removal validates the rise in anti-LGBTQ+ hate that has become all too common in Orange County in recent years. Not only is this the wrong, it is an irresponsible move for Huntington Beach taxpayers given the swift economic fallout from companies seeking to do business in Surf City.

As a representative of Huntington Beach and 1.1 million Californians in the State Senate, I urge the City Council not to divide our communities when we have a responsibility to ensure everyone feels safe and valued.”

This article was released by the Office of Senator Dave Min.


  1. What a sad time we live in that a beautiful rainbow would be feared. It’s clear Pat Burns was sending a message to his QAnon/Proud Boys base (they come to make public comments at CC meetings).
    So sad my LGBTQ kid has to deal with bullying- representation (like flying the pride flag) could help other students realize we are all different and it’s nothing to be made fun of.

    1. shame that you equate flying a politically affiliated flag at city hall with the sadness that your kid is “dealing with bullying-representation”. A) does your child experience anxiety at the post office where there are only government/military flags flown? B) Did your child express this to you, or did you decide it for them? B) do you not support your child with finding “them” groups or activities where they can freely express themselves and interact with others? HB is diverse, inclusive and accepting place, if you are feeling anxiety or sadness? It might be self-inflicted… and you may be inflicting it on your kid too.

  2. Huntington Beach doesn’t care who you love… or what your gender is…. It is an accepting and inclusive city that doesn’t need to fly a political flag to “take credit” or score “extra points” with the woke crowd. The “pride” flag is political in origin and is most recently used as a litmus test for wokeness and indoctrinating ideology. The same folks the scream and roll around on the ground over their “feelings” about permanently flying the flag are the very same ones that want to REQUIRE gender-dysphoric sexualized clowns (AKA Drag!) into our children’s story hours at the library. Keep the rainbow flag for your bumper stickers and virtue signaling.

  3. Dave Min, your comment divides us. We are all AMERICANS!!. There are many good groups that are not included. If you want to do this then I want a Vatican flag and Pro Life flag to fly also.!!

    1. Amen to that Theresa!

  4. Flying flags in support of peoples sexual preferences is just creepy. Government should stay out of supporting or not supporting what people do when it comes to things of a sexual nature.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly!

  5. The only flags that should be in government offices are: THE USA FLAG & MIA/POW FLAG.

    No other flag – period!!!!!

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