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CAGOP releases statement on President Biden’s California visit

California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson released the following statement on President Biden’s return visit to California:

“As President Biden embarks on a two-day swing through the Golden State, there are countless items we’d love to hear him address. He should explain to Californians why he’s doubling down on reckless policies that are driving inflation and pushing Americans further into debt. He should explain to Californians why he’s fought against American energy independence as California’s gas prices near $5 a gallon. And he should explain to Californians why our border still sits wide open as deadly fentanyl spills into our communities. Californians deserve answers to the pressing issues they face because of the Biden administration’s failures, but we won’t hold our breath that we’ll get them on his California trip or anytime soon.”

This article was released by the California Republican Party.

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  1. No, the real question is why isn’t the GOP and RNC fighting back by supporting strong leaders instead of milktoast ones!
    IMHO Jessica Patterson and Rhonda McDaniel are a big part of the problem. Our Republican Party would have been much better served by Harmeet Dillon, a real fighter!

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