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Senator Min responds to lawsuit filed against the City of Huntington Beach for violating state housing law

Senator Dave Min issued the following statement in response to the lawsuit announced by Attorney General Rob Bonta, Governor Gavin Newsom, and HCD Director Gustavo Velasquez. The lawsuit was filed against the City of Huntington Beach for willfully violating California’s state housing laws.

“At a time when democracy and the rule of law are under attack, today’s announcement from the Governor and Attorney General regarding the City of Huntington Beach and its brazen defiance of California housing law is so important. No one, including Huntington Beach or its City Council majority, is above the law.

If Huntington Beach’s City Council majority wants to change the law, they are welcome to reach out to their state legislators, but to date my office and I have not heard from them on this issue, making clear that this is political theater of the worst kind, and a huge waste of Huntington Beach taxpayer dollars to boot.”

This article was released by the Office of Senator Dave Min.


  1. Local governments if they really wanted to win this battle over rezoning and over-development would pool their money and put an initiative on the ballot. Better use of money than paying lawyers to litigate something they will certainly lose. Unfortunately developers don’t care about political affiliation of local official when they shower them with money to build anything anywhere. Just look at Los Angeles.

  2. It’s the state that is overstepping. 13,000+ new units? That is WAY above what should be required. But the most ridiculous idea is to allow a 4-plex on a R-1 zoned property. That will reduce property values and negatively change neighborhoods. We should be able to vote on these changes rather than have them shoved down our throats! 700,000 people left CA in the last 2 years. Ask yourself why.

  3. I am a Huntington Beach resident and support what the City Council is doing. Mr. Min do you live in HB? Please contact the residents before making. Arguments for them. Do you want your single family residence next to an apartment complex?

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