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Statement from USDA Deputy Under Secretary Stacy Dean on replacing stolen SNAP benefits

“With new authority from Congress, FNS is working with our state partners to replace SNAP benefits stolen through card skimming and other similar crimes so that those who fall victim to a criminal’s selfish and illegal actions can still afford food for their families. We are pleased that all states submitted a plan outlining how they will process claims of stolen funds and reimburse SNAP customers. This puts us one step closer to helping people who have been victimized, while we continue to work on ways to combat fraud.”

“FNS is committed to working swiftly and in close collaboration with states to approve all state plans. We already approved Maryland and Vermont, which will use federal funds to replace stolen SNAP benefits starting this month.”

“Fraud is not tolerated in FNS programs. FNS and our state partners are working quickly to help people impacted by these crimes seek relief.”

This article was released by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service.